The Top 10 Blackjack Strategies

If you want to try your hand at blackjack, there are several casino websites that provide online blackjack, and these websites will offer not just one but several different varieties of this popular card game. Our top ten Blackjack playing tips are mentioned below. If you enjoy playing the game or are new to playing it online, it is well worth your time to check out and take note of some of these playing tips, especially if you are new to playing it online.

Games with a Low House Advantage – Your choice of Blackjack game is critical since each variation of the game has a unique set of playing rules for both the Dealer and the Player. These regulations, as well as the incentives given, will determine the game’s “house advantage.”

The house edge is the anticipated average profit that a casino will generate over a lengthy period of time from all stakes wagered on any of their blackjack games. You should opt for games with low house edges, such as Microgaming’s Classic Blackjack game or Playtech’s Blackjack Switch game. These games feature the lowest house edges accessible on both of those gaming platforms, with house edges of 0.13 percent and 0.16 percent, respectively. If you want to play games with low house edges, you should look into titles like these.

Never Purchase Insurance Even though placing the Insurance wager when playing Blackjack will result in a winning payout of around 2 to 1, the real house edge related to this betting choice is frequently several multiples higher than the house edge attached to the main game. This means that you should always decline the Insurance wager if it is offered to you.

Playing Ace Pairs When dealt a pair of Aces, you should always split them; this is the best playing strategy when playing any type of online Blackjack; the only time this playing move is not acceptable is when playing Double Exposure Blackjack. Playing King Pairs While dealt a pair of Kings, you should never split them; this is the best playing approach when playing any variation of online Blackjack.

If you are playing any of the online Blackjack games offered by casinos powered by Playtech or Microgaming, the best way to play a pair of Aces that has been dealt to you is to split them. This is due to the fact that dividing pairs of Aces boosts your odds of winning. When playing Double Exposure blackjack, the only time you should avoid splitting a pair of Aces is if the Dealer has an up card that gives his or her hand a value of 11, 18, 19, or 20. In that situation, you should strike your hand instead.

Never ever split ten cards

This is a very typical strategic playing error made by many rookie online Blackjack gamers, but the move you should perform when dealt two ten-valued cards is to never split them. There is a slightly different way to playing a pair of tens while playing Double Exposure Blackjack; nevertheless, you will not play this game because the house edge is so big; instead, you will avoid it at all costs.

Using Bonuses in Blackjack Given that any bonus paid to your online casino account will have play-through requirements, and given that blackjack has such a low house edge, you will commonly discover that playing blackjack with any casino’s bonuses will either be prohibited or will have substantially higher play through requirements. This is due to the fact that blackjack has a very low house edge.

The most important piece of blackjack advice we can give you is to never play it with a casino bonus. The additional play-through criteria that apply when you are permitted to play Blackjack games with a bonus are frequently unreasonable and give no value.

Blackjack Strategy Cards – If you have found the Blackjack games with the lowest house edge at casinos powered by software platforms such as those provided by Playtech and Microgaming, you will still need to employ a perfect playing strategy to benefit from the low house edges of their Blackjack games!

Make every effort to obtain a Blackjack Strategy Card for the type of the game you are playing online. When you have one of these cards, you will never play an erroneous hand since it will show you exactly how each hand you have been dealt should be played based on the card the dealer is showing to the player.

Play the Single Hand Variants – You should play the single-hand versions of blackjack online rather than the multi-hand variations. Because multi-hand games often use much more decks of cards in the shoe, the house edge on games like Microgaming’s Classic blackjack game rises from 0.13 percent to a significantly greater 0.59 percent!

Card Counting – You may have mastered the art of card counting when playing offline; however, because the available online Blackjack games from all software companies have been designed in such a way that the deck or decks of cards will be fully shuffled before a new hand is dealt out, there will be no benefits of card counting at all!

Side Bets – Any blackjack variation that includes any kind of side bet option can often be appealing to players due to the large payouts that are typically related to the many different types of betting options that are available in these games.

However, it is well known that all Blackjack game variants that feature such a Blackjack variant on which you can place an additional and often optional side bet wager have extremely high house edges tied to those bonus bets. As a result of the enormous bonus bet house edges, your bankroll will swiftly disappear if you play those variants for any period of time; thus, you should never place those side bets!

Blackjack Comps – The final blackjack playing tip we’d like to share with you is to make sure that the online casino where you’re playing has a comp or loyalty club, and also that before you start playing any Blackjack game variant at that particular casino site, you’re a member of their comp or loyalty club, because by doing so, all of your real money Blackjack wagers, whether winning or losing, will be accumulating yo.


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