The Secret To Playing Keno

I’ve put together step-by-step instructions for the most popular casino games. Keno was the only one who had yet to appear. In reality, I’ve been putting it off. It’s not a game I recommend spending a lot of time with. The odds are terrible, as we’ll see in a moment, and there are far better and more exciting casino games to play. 

Having said that, I understand that many people are interested in keno and want to learn how to play it. I’ll lay out the game rules and highlight some basic strategies below. I’ll also share 10 tips for making your bankroll last while playing it. If you’ve ever wanted to play casino keno, you’ve come to the right place. This is the only guide you’ll ever need. Let us begin with the rules. 

Rules for Playing Online Casino Keno 

The rules are straightforward. You decide how much you want to bet. You choose a set of numbers. Then you watch to see how many of your numbers “hit” or “catch.” If enough of your numbers match, you win. You can choose from 1 to 80 numbers, though some “specialty” keno games limit the range to 40. Depending on the variant and casino, the maximum number of picks you can make is usually 10 or 15. 

When you enter your numbers and press the “Play” button, the software will dispense 20 balls one at a time. You wait, hoping that several of yours catch. If you don’t want to choose the numbers yourself, click the “Quick Pick” button, and 10 will be chosen for you. In a nutshell, that’s it. 

You can bet as little as $0.01 per round or as much as $10 per round. You can also select “Play 1,” “Play 5”, or “Play 10” cards. Remember that choosing “Play 10” with a $10 bet puts $100 at risk. The payouts vary depending on how many numbers you choose. (Of course, they vary by casino.) As an example, consider Bovada Casino. Assume you choose three numbers. You’ll be paid two credits if two of them catch. If all three catch, you’ll get 45 points. 

Keno Odds Online 

I don’t recommend spending a lot of time (or money) on casino keno because the odds are terrible. In fact, every other game at Bovada Casino,, and MyBookie gives you a better chance of winning. Keno, like slots, can be thought of in terms of payback percentage. In other words, what percentage of every dollar wagered can you expect to receive back in the form of payouts over time? 

Would you believe the figure is as low as 75%? That’s equivalent to the lowest-paying slot machines! Keno odds, like all casino games, are determined by the pay table. The issue is that, as previously stated, the pay table changes depending on how many numbers you select. This can quickly muddle odds calculations. 

Fortunately, there is a straightforward solution. Michael Shackleford has a handy calculator that will do the hard work for you. Input the number of picks you intend to make and the corresponding pay table, and the calculator will return the payback percentage as well as a slew of other information. 

10 Quick Tips For Winning At Keno: Basic Keno Strategy 

Keno is similar to slot machines. You take a seat and wait for things to happen. The main distinction is that, on average, keno offers lower odds. Slots, in my opinion, are also more entertaining because they provide more variety. You can play fruit machines, video machines, multi-payline machines, 3-D machines, progressive machines, and so on. 

You simply select numbers and wait to see which ones catch. 

However, there are some things you can do to avoid blowing your budget. You may even win a large payout or two along the way. Here are ten quick tips for playing online keno. 

Understand Your Winning Odds 

When playing casino games, knowing the odds is always beneficial. It keeps you grounded, preventing your expectations from outpacing reality. 

Knowing the odds is especially important when playing keno. Nobody enters the game expecting to win big. To get a realistic idea of your chances of winning, use Shackleford’s calculator. 

Minimum Amount to Bet 

It’s easy to lose money playing keno, especially if you select “Play 10.” Do yourself a favor and bet the smallest amount possible at first. The minimum bet at Bovada and is $0.01. MyBookie charges $0.02. 

Remember that the keno payback percentage is quite low. Betting the minimum will help your money last longer. If you win big on other casino games like blackjack or craps, feel free to up your bet. Similarly, if you win a large keno jackpot. But, until that happens, keep it simple. 

Choose five to ten numbers 

Picking between five and ten numbers will usually give you the best odds of winning. Of course, as previously stated, a lot depends on the pay table. 

This is where a keno odds calculator, such as Shackleford’s, can help. To find the sweet spot, experiment with the numbers. That could be six, eight, or nine numbers. 

Experiment with Number Sequences 

Sequences are popular among keno players. For example, they might choose the following numbers: 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 1, 4, 7, 10, 13, 16 

Will using sequences improve your chances of winning? No. However, it can make keno more enjoyable. That alone makes it worthwhile to consider. Create your own sequences and play around with them. 

For each round, use the same numbers. 

Many players have favorite sets of numbers. They play them repeatedly. Why not try them if you have a set that means something to you? Who can say? They could work! 

The Huffington Post reported in 2011 that 41,763 people used the numbers from the TV show Lost (4, 8, 15, 16, 23, and 42) for the Mega Millions lottery on the same night. 

[3] 4, 8, 15, 25, 47, and 42 were the winning numbers. Four out of six isn’t bad; each of the 41,763 participants received $150. 

Numbers That Haven’t Been Hit 

When it comes to keno, some players believe in the law of averages. They believe that numbers that haven’t appeared recently are more likely to do so in the future than numbers that have. Is this a viable strategy? It won’t improve your chances. Remember that the numbers were chosen at random. Just because 23 hasn’t appeared in the last few rounds doesn’t mean it’ll appear in the next. 

Keno is entirely based on chance. 

However, tracking numbers that haven’t hit and betting on them can make the game more enjoyable. 

Locate the Highest Payouts 

As previously stated, keno pay tables differ by casino. Some pay out more than others for a certain number of picks. One of the most certain ways to improve your chances of winning is to play where the payouts are the highest. Don’t assume that a single casino has the best overall odds. Find the highest payback percentage for the number of picks you intend to make using a keno odds calculator. 

Keno Betting Systems Should Be Avoided 

Betting systems are alluring. They promise to maximize your chances of winning by increasing or decreasing the size of your bets based on previous results. The Martingale and Reduced Keno betting systems are two popular examples. 

Leave them alone. They will not assist you in winning. Given keno’s low payback percentage, they are more likely to increase your losses. 

for it. Try out the Martingale or Reduced Keno betting systems. If making your money last is important to you, you should avoid them. 

Set a Keno Betting Cap 

This is a money-management tip. Set a nightly limit for your keno betting. Limit your spending to $10, for example. Walk away once the $10 is gone. Proceed to a different casino game, such as craps, Pai gow poker, or blackjack. 

Take your time and enjoy yourself. 

You’ve probably realized by now that the chances of winning at keno in the long run are pretty slim. So the primary reason for playing is to have fun. Don’t rush into anything in the hopes of landing a large payout. You’ll only succeed in wasting your money. 

Take it easy. Place the smallest possible wager. Take a deep breath and enjoy the slow pace. If (or when) you get tired of keno, try slots, craps, or blackjack for a more thrilling casino gaming experience. 

How to Play Free Keno 

I’ve gone on and on about the poor odds and low payback percentages associated with keno. My goal is to encourage you to go into the game with realistic expectations. Otherwise, you risk blowing through your roll. But what if you could avoid that risk entirely by playing free online keno?