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This relates to the website Thepearlies.co.uk.

Thepearlies.co.uk launched in 2017 as an impartial gambling guide with a primary mission of educating and entertaining veteran gamblers as well as novices. In order to achieve this goal, we provide extensive tutorials (covering game rules, odds, tactics, tips, and more), a massive database of games to try for free (also rated and reviewed), a directory of the best casino sites picked by us (also rated and reviewed), statistics, laws, and up-to-date news from the global gambling industry, and much more.

Appreciation and cooperation lay the groundwork for any successful endeavour, and perseverance is what ultimately sees it through to fruition. Our staff has learnt throughout the years that these three pillars—education, entertainment, and information—are essential to the success of any endeavour.

Besides the usual suspects like roulette and blackjack, we also offer some more unusual options like game shows in our first-rate live casino. All of our games feature real, human hosts and croupiers that are trained to make the experience fun and authentic for our players. Live roulette makes up the largest portion of our casino, with over 20 individual games; however, we are willing to share our expertise with our clients by means of our roulette guidelines, which are tailored to meet our customers’ diverse degrees of familiarity with the game. If you’d rather play cards, we invite you to take advantage of our blackjack games and expertise to help you learn the game from every angle.

If the formal atmosphere and high stakes of a live casino aren’t your thing, we also have game shows that focus more on the fun and social part of gambling. Live game shows such as Mega Ball and Crazy Time are just two examples of what we have to offer, and both of them have their own unique rules and formats. Mega Ball plays more like a lottery machine, while the Wheel of Fortune–inspired Crazy Time offers multiple opportunities to win extra money.

If you have any startup-ready ideas or businesses to pitch to us, please contact us at the following address:

[email protected]